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2 Jan


It’s time to say hello to the new Connect the Dots site!  All of our operations, including our blog, will now run from this amazing new site from N84R3 Design.   Expect many exciting updates throughout each month, so check it often!  For the next two weeks, sign up for the listserv and enter to win a 6 pack of balm from our friends at!

This site is for the movement.  Please explore it, share it, and send us your feedback.

For a peaceful and just world,

The CtD Team


Connectionist Resource: Ian Somerhalder Foundation

30 Oct

We just recently stumbled upon a new connectionist person and resouce!  Actor Ian Somehalder has his own foundation.  Check out the about page.  If that’s not a connectionist perspective, we don’t know what is.  Exciting!

Connectionist Resource: Because We Must

11 Oct

We’re thrilled that Ashley’s going to be writing for the brand new organization and blog, Because We Must.  Check out her writer introduction here.  In it, she talks about why she connects the dots, her theory of change, and what led her there in the first place.

Because We Must is founded on the idea that all forms of oppression and, in turn, the struggles against them, are intimately connected.  Because We Must strives to be a source for informational media that illuminates both the diversity and interconnectedness of struggles against oppression.

We think Because We Must is a fabulous educational resource that will grow and grow!  We’re proud to contribute to it and hope that you’ll explore all that it has to offer.

Roots of Change: Social Justice and Media

6 Oct

November 2-4, 2011

Portland, Oregon

We like to promote efforts to create a peaceful and just world for all.  Thus, we’d like you to know about Roots of Change: Social Justice and Media.  This conference addresses the prevention of gendered violence (aka violence against women).  How does this conference fit a connectionist perspective?   It’s in the name.  Roots.  This conference focuses on something called primary prevention.  Primary prevention is about preventing the harmful behavior in the first place.  This means focusing on the root causes of the problem, in this case gendered violence.  It’s about creating environments that promote health and well-being so the “bad stuff,” whatever that may be, doesn’t ever have a chance of happening.

We know that the same root causes that lead to sexual violence support violence and exploitation of all animals and the planet itself.  We encourage you to attend Roots of Change to explore those roots and lend your connectionist voice to efforts to eliminate them and to create a world that works for all.

What other conferences should we know about?  Leave a comment!

We want to share your writings!

31 Aug

Have you written articles, essays, blog posts, or more from a connectionist perspective?  If so, send us a link!  We are going to be building a list of articles and other readings for our resources page.  So if you’ve written about connections between human, animal, and/or environmental concerns and well-being, let us know!

Connectionist Resource: Kerulos Center

19 Aug

As The Kerulos Center focuses on the scientific understanding of animals as thinking, feeling, sentient beings, it connects the dots.  Get to know this organization and you’ll see that it translates knowledge of animals as fully sentient beings into animal care, conservation, and human cultural transformation.

Join our listserv!

17 Aug

Brand new!  Now you can join the Connect the Dots listserv, as promised!  Just click here to become a member of our google group and to indicate your preferences for email delivery.   Have discussions about human, animal, and environmental justice issues with the likes of lauren Ornelas, Carol J. Adams, and many more folks at the heart of the work.  Send messages for approval to  Let’s get connected!