Roots of Change: Social Justice and Media

6 Oct

November 2-4, 2011

Portland, Oregon

We like to promote efforts to create a peaceful and just world for all.  Thus, we’d like you to know about Roots of Change: Social Justice and Media.  This conference addresses the prevention of gendered violence (aka violence against women).  How does this conference fit a connectionist perspective?   It’s in the name.  Roots.  This conference focuses on something called primary prevention.  Primary prevention is about preventing the harmful behavior in the first place.  This means focusing on the root causes of the problem, in this case gendered violence.  It’s about creating environments that promote health and well-being so the “bad stuff,” whatever that may be, doesn’t ever have a chance of happening.

We know that the same root causes that lead to sexual violence support violence and exploitation of all animals and the planet itself.  We encourage you to attend Roots of Change to explore those roots and lend your connectionist voice to efforts to eliminate them and to create a world that works for all.

What other conferences should we know about?  Leave a comment!


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