Cultivate a Better World…with Chipotle?

21 Sep

A fellow connectionist asked us to write about this new commercial by Chipotle.

First of all, teaming up with Willie Nelson on a Coldplay song?  What is there NOT to like?

Seriously, though, this commercial is very well done.  It’s visually appealing, simple, and, dare we say, moving.  For a major fast food chain restaurant to openly acknowledge, much less criticize factory farming is frankly unheard of.  Until now.

While this video doesn’t include the plight of factory farm workers, it does indicate concern for farmed animals (images of pigs, cows, chickens), independent farmers, human health (images of drugs) and the planet (images of pollution).  In fact it’s quite understandable that there is probably a lot that was left out in the attempt to make a simple video with a clear message.

But what is the message?  “Go back to the start.”  Okay.  “Cultivate a better world.”  Cool.  “Spend your money on our food!”  Wait, what?

Folks, Chipotle is a for-profit business.  Good for them for putting a better message out there.  Good for them for caring.  We want to see more businesses caring.  We also want to ask what was in that crate at the end of the commercial.  Emphasis on commercial.

In the non-profit world, everything we do is to work towards identified outcomes.  These are usually changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that we want to produce.  In the for-profit world, outcomes are more about the bottom line.  What knowledge does Chipotle want to change?  Maybe our knowledge about where our food comes.  What attitudes?  Maybe our attitudes towards the type of food Chipotle sells.  What behaviors?  Maybe…could it be…to buy Chipotle’s food more often?

We absolutely love any attempt to create a peaceful and just world.  And we do believe that businesses are key players – if it’s about cultural change then, heck, who is already an expert?  We just have a few questions for you, Chipotle:

  • Do you really care, or are you just trying to sell us something?
  • Is the message that if we eat animals killed for your food, then we don’t have to feel guilty?  Cause honestly, would it be okay to most people if there was a “humane” serial killer running amok in their area?
  • What are you going to do now?  How else will you help to cultivate a better world?  What are your next steps?
  • Just what was in that crate, anyway?










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