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We want to share your writings!

31 Aug

Have you written articles, essays, blog posts, or more from a connectionist perspective?  If so, send us a link!  We are going to be building a list of articles and other readings for our resources page.  So if you’ve written about connections between human, animal, and/or environmental concerns and well-being, let us know!


PETA Plans a Porn Site

29 Aug

I think the feminist vegan world is over it.  First, is this really a surprise?  Second, do we really  need to talk about this some more?  I’ve noticed a distinct lack of outrage articles regarding PETA’s newest fabulously well-thought-out move.  I think we’re all just tired.  So, so tired.  YAWN.

Here are some articles  read instead:

Sexaul Politics of Meat

Ending Rape Culture is a Vegan Issue

Moving Beyond Sexism and Speciesism

Think Like a Chicken: Farm Animals and the Feminist Connection

Connectionist Resource: Kerulos Center

19 Aug

As The Kerulos Center focuses on the scientific understanding of animals as thinking, feeling, sentient beings, it connects the dots.  Get to know this organization and you’ll see that it translates knowledge of animals as fully sentient beings into animal care, conservation, and human cultural transformation.

Join our listserv!

17 Aug

Brand new!  Now you can join the Connect the Dots listserv, as promised!  Just click here to become a member of our google group and to indicate your preferences for email delivery.   Have discussions about human, animal, and environmental justice issues with the likes of lauren Ornelas, Carol J. Adams, and many more folks at the heart of the work.  Send messages for approval to  Let’s get connected!

Connectionist Resource: American Humane Association

10 Aug

Another of the organizations making connections between forms of abuse, American Humane Association provides a vast array of programs and resources focused on children, animals, and human-animal interaction.

Connectionist Resource: National Link Coalition

9 Aug

We were introduced to this organization through years of work to prevent violence against women.  As we knew, there is a significant correlation between animal cruelty, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, elder abuse, and other forms of violence.  In fact, awareness of and experience with that link contributed to our motivation to create Connect the Dots.  The National Link Coalition works towards the recognition and integration of the link between these forms of violence in policies and practices nationwide.

Connectionist Resource: Action For Our Planet

4 Aug

Action for Our Planet is an educational resource that aims to inspire people to take action for the planet by raising awareness, utilising knowledge and encouraging others to become advocates for the planet and its inhabitants.  Covering human, animal, and environmental issues, it is sure to be a resource for the connectionist in you.