Connectionist Resource: The Scavenger

7 Jun

By popular demand, we have added a resources category!  We’ll begin to highlight resources in this section with a quick synopsis and anything else we think you should know.  When our full site is up at, these links will be posted on the resources page.  For now, we’ve built a resources page into our blog.

So, since you demanded resources, how about sharing a few with us!  What have you stumbled upon in your quest for information on human, animal and environmental justice and the links connecting it all?  Comment here or email us to make suggestions and/or request inclusion.

This section will likely develop in good time because we want to build the page intentionally,  making sure each resource gets its due attention in a post.

Ready for the first resource?  THE SCAVENGER has already become a favorite site.  The site describes The Scavenger as an online portal of  features, commentary and news that you’re unlikely to find in mainstream media.  We follow The Scavenger on Twitter and Facebook and are always thrilled to see articles that connect the dots, like this one on interlocking oppressions.  Based out of Australia, this magazine/portal covers global issues and will keep you busy…forever!


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