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Sistah Vegan Blog Post: Intersections: Black female slave vivisection, non-human animal experimentation, and the foundation of Western gynecology

3 Apr

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of A. Breeze Harper’s work (see the Sistah Vegan Project).  Her latest video is simply perfect in describing (what we have been referring to as) a connectionist perspective.

“So when you start talking about people of color, and when you start talking about the mistreatment of animals, within the context of how ‘the other’ has been constructed, within the perception of the white, male, formally educated, class privileged, property owner, you begin to see how othering, distancing, cutting off your capacity to empathize and sympathize, is incredibly important when you want to create a world based on imperialism and capitalism. When you want to objectify, when you want to colonize, and you want to dominate ‘the other’ as resources, as commodities, so you can continue to benefit in that particular position of power.”

Breeze ends the video with a very important, poignant question.  Please watch the video and answer the question on the Sistah Vegan blog post.