Everyone’s connecting the dots…sort of.

25 Oct

We at Connect the Dots (CtD) have noticed a plethora of articles, blogs, and commentary utilizing that very phrase, “Connect the Dots,” lately.  It seems that more and more individuals and groups are learning of and acknowledging the importance of making connections and we couldn’t be more thrilled…almost.

It’s encouraging to see blogs, for example, about the connections between forms of human-on-human violence and initiatives that address it.   People are starting to get it!  They’re starting to make connections!  Isn’t that what we want?  Of course.  We want people to start making those connections between multiple manifestations of oppression. They are all linked.

Yet we’re not afraid to want more.

While one of the goals of CtD is to foster connections within movements, we ultimately want to create connections between movements.  We want to create a comprehensive approach to ending violence and oppression.  Yes, we believe there is merit in baby steps.  Just like the often-debated strategies of utilizing bullying to work up to addressing sexual harassment or beginning with welfare to move to abolition, sometimes movements must take small steps.  We have to start somewhere.  But we can’t stop there.  As one blogger recently noted after watching Carol J. Adams speak on the sexual politics of meat, “All oppression is rooted in the same objectification, exclusion, domination and commodification, and unless you fight all of them, you are not really fighting any of them.”

We can’t expect to get far if we promote the idea that one manifestation of oppression is okay and another is not.  We defeat our own intentions and actions, for example, when we work against sexual violence in the human realm and allow it against other species just because we can.  Might doesn’t make right anywhere, period.

Ours is a both/and world.  Let’s continue to make these connections and let’s go further.  Let’s support connections both within and between movements.  A true connectionist perspective goes as far as possible and then a little further.  Let’s deepen our critical analysis so that we can truly succeed at creating a peaceful and just world for all.


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